We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help. (Really, we are!)

Typically, we focus on substantive issues and policies in these newsletters. Today’s “Hot Topic of the Week” is a little different – constituent service. From my first day in office I made providing local constituent service my top priority, and I’m proud to say that my office continues to deliver. Please read this brief newsletter and if you know someone who needs help navigating the rocks and shoals of state government, send it along to them.

Enjoy the Independence Day Week and in the next newsletter, we’ll get back to the policy talk. 

Hot Topic of the Week:

We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help. (Really, we are!)

From applying for or renewing your professional license to obtaining a “Real ID”, and everything in between, interacting with state government is an essential and often frustrating part of life. 

While interacting with state government shouldn’t be hard, we all know that’s often not the case. It’s said that the shortest distance between two points (in this case between you and a governmental solution to your problem) is a straight line, and that you shouldn’t have to go through a middleman to get your problem solved. But often that’s what it takes. That’s where my district office comes in. We’re here to cut through that red tape for you.

Each day we receive calls and emails from constituents requesting help. We have been able to assist countless residents renew or apply for a FOID card, get their professional license issued or renewed, help people apply for government assistance or programs and connect organizations and local governments with grant opportunities. 

There have also been cases that are too personal to share. As a leading legislator on child welfare reform, my district office has helped many who are trying to keep their families together and their children safe without becoming embroiled in the child welfare system. Not just in McHenry County but across Illinois, because we’ve become the go-to office other representatives turn to when problems arise in their districts. We know where to go and who to call.  

It doesn’t have to be a heavy or life-changing issue though. We offer ideas on what to see here in Illinois and ways to make it easier and less expensive for you to get around. From museum passes to Dial-a-Ride fare cards for seniors and disabled constituents, we’ve got the means to help you enjoy living here.

We’re also out in the community with various events. Here’s a list of what’s coming up in the next few months:

Keep an eye out for more details in upcoming issues of the Reick Report.

We’re also here to field concerns when state government is not working for you. Often some of the best ideas for legislation come from simple calls from constituents for whom the current law is not working the way that it’s supposed to. Sometimes it may take a quick fix, or it may begin a conversation about completely rethinking an aspect of state government. As lawmakers, we cannot always know the real-world implications of laws until we hear about them from you.

After last week’s long pension-focused newsletter, I wanted to give you a break from the policy talk. So this was a look at the behind the scenes work that we do every day in our district office. Carrie, my District Director, is the best in the business and works hard to serve our constituents each day. Her work has helped hundreds of families, and our office is here to continue to serve through excellent constituent service. We’re not just here to help, we’re here to serve.

Our contact information is below, and I hope you’ll think of calling us the next time you’re frustrated with state government. We’ll do the best we can to help you with your problem.

Happenings Around McHenry County: 

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