Childcare Policy Changes are a Victory for Working Families

Springfield – Last week, the House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Pritzker urging him to allow all Illinois childcare providers to reopen as regions move to Phase 3 of the reopening plan. Working families, especially single mothers, who are trying to go back to work desperately need these services. Today, the Governor announced that all 5,500 of Illinois’ child care centers that were not deemed as “essential” may indeed reopen on May 29 when all four regions of the state move to Phase Three.

“This is a victory for working families as we go into Phase 3, and to start to safely reopen the Illinois economy,” said Representative Reick. “It’s yet another instance where the Governor changed his mind in recognition of the scientific realities that are staring him in the face. In the last week the science did not change with regard to childcare services, it has always been there. This action is an admission that he was wrong, and that we in the House Republican Caucus were right on the science. I will continue to fight for a safe reopening of the economy and point out the arbitrary nature of his executive orders.”