House Republicans strongly urge the State of Illinois to cooperate with federal law enforcement

House Republicans are gravely concerned to learn that the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), at the apparent direction of the Pritzker administration, has stopped cooperating with federal immigration authorities with regards to the releases of inmates with valid detainer warrants.  This decision to release non-citizen convicted felons into our communities endangers public safety and threatens vital federal funding for many important programs. 

Up until now, IDOC has cooperated with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with regards to the notification and transfer of persons with valid detainer warrants.  These valid detainer warrants are law enforcement documents under federal law.  Now, however, this cooperation has stopped.  This silence from IDOC affects not only ICE but also local law enforcement.

At a hearing of the House Appropriations – Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, March 4, IDOC Acting Director Rob Jeffreys refused to answer questions from Republican legislators about who specifically authorized and directed this dangerous policy decision.

Led by Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst, House Republicans have filed HJR 118 to protest against this new IDOC policy.  We strongly urge that the Department comply with federal law, resume its cooperation with ICE and local law enforcement, and stop releasing non-citizens with serious criminal conviction records out onto Illinois streets.