Reick Legislation that Improves Transparency of Dental Care Insurance Plans Goes to Governor Rauner for Final Action

State Representative Steve Reick (R-Woodstock) is sending legislation to Governor Bruce Rauner that clarifies dental coverage so that dentists are better able to follow up if payment issues arise.

SB 2851 would require dental insurance cards to include specific information that identifies the insurance coverage is part of health benefit plan offering dental services or a dental plan subject to regulation by the Department Insurance. “Because there are different types of dental plans available, dentists who perform dental care services often don’t know who to contact when payment is delayed or rejected,” said Reick. “The new card data would provide dentists with information so they would know up front if a payment is supposed to be coming straight to the dentist or if the check would be sent to the patient who would then be responsible for paying the bill.”

According to Reick, the idea for the legislation was brought forward by the Illinois State Dental Society. With unanimous support in the both the House and Senate, SB 2851 now moves to Governor Rauner for final action.