Rep. Steve Reick Champions Fair Maps Proposals in IL House

State Representative Steve Reick has signed on as a leading Chief-Co-Sponsor of legislation that would take the General Assembly map-drawing process out of the hands of politicians and allow the people of Illinois to submit map proposals for consideration by an independent redistricting commission.

“There is overwhelming bipartisan support for fair maps,” said Reick. “A recent Paul Simon Institute poll indicates that 72% percent of Illinois’ citizens believe gerrymandered maps are wrong because they allow partisan politicians to draw maps that favor members of their own political party and all but guarantee continued control. HJRCA 46 takes politics out of the process and improves the integrity of our elections. Most importantly, this legislation takes into account previous fair maps proposals that have been deemed unconstitutional by the courts and addresses those points in a manner that should withstand a court challenge.”

The constitutional amendment seeks to amend the Legislature Article of the Illinois Constitution by replacing the current method for redrawing Senate and House districts with the creation of an independent redistricting commission. The commission, appointed equally by the four legislative leaders from the Republican and Democrat caucuses, would score maps submitted for consideration using a detailed rubric.

“HJRCA 46 would direct the redistricting commission members to provide the public with necessary data and tools with which to create map proposals,” Reick said. “The maps would be scored using a multi-faceted rubric and the three top-ranked map proposals would be brought to the House and Senate, where a three-fifths vote would be required for passage of one of the three maps. In the event an agreement is not reached, the Secretary of State would certify the best-ranked redistricting map proposal and it would become law. This legislation ensures a transparent, objective and fair process that allows the citizens of Illinois and an independent commission to drive the process; not politicians looking to protect their seats in the General Assembly.”

If approved, the Constitutional Amendment would apply to redistricting beginning in 2021 for the election that is held in 2022.

In addition to HJRCA 46, Reick joined all members of the House Republican Caucus on Wednesday in filing HR 995, which expresses support for independent redistricting reform and advocates for a non-partisan map-making process by the upcoming redistricting cycle.