Call to Action: Ask Rauner to Veto HB 171

Those who live in McHenry County may recall that a few years ago voters soundly rejected a ballot referendum question to change the operational structure of the McHenry County Board to a “County Executive” form of government. Voters said in a very loud voice that they did not want an all-powerful leader of the county board. Two thirds of all who voted said “no” to the County Executive proposal.

Shortly after the failure of that referendum, the county board placed a question before voters about whether or not the county board chairman should be popularly elected by county voters rather than by the 24 sitting county board members. Whereas the County Executive form of government would have granted a great deal of power to the individual elected to the post, McHenry County residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of a popularly-elected county board chairman with limited authority and power.

Last week in Springfield, lawmakers narrowly approved HB 171, a measure that would increase the power of the County Board Chairman in a few select Illinois counties, including McHenry County. I spoke out against the bill when it was debated, saying it would directly circumvent the expressed will of the people who resoundingly said “no” to a board leader with a great deal of individual power.

This week I sent this letter to Governor Bruce Rauner and asked him to veto HB 171.
Please join me in contacting the Governor and letting him know that the people of McHenry County have already voted down many of the provisions that are included in HB 171 and that he should respect voter intent and veto the bill.

Click here to access a web page where you can send a comment.

Or, you may call the Governor’s office at (217) 782-0244 (Springfield), or (312) 814-2121 (Chicago).

When voters weigh in on a measure at the ballot box, that should mean something. Please help me stop this attempt to do an end-run around the voters of McHenry County, and ask the Governor to please veto HB 171.