State I-Cash Program Making Improvements

I-Cash is the Illinois State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division. Formerly called Cash Dash, the program was re-named I-Cash in 2012. It connects state residents with unclaimed property being held by the state. One in eight Illinois residents has an asset to be claimed in I-Cash. 

I-Cash returned $159 million to individuals, employers, and non-profits in Illinois over the past year. There is still over a billion dollars in assets yet to be claimed so improvements are being made by the State Treasurer’s office to modernize and simplify the claims process. These improvements include: e-signature, e-portal, and fast track. 

E-signatures can now be used to claim most properties under $500 with one owner without mailing in a signed claim form. To make sure every property is returned to the right person a variety of documents demonstrating proof of an address, name, or ownership of the property are required. With the new e-portal, these documents can be uploaded online, saving considerable time and expense. Fast track will allow for the automated review and approval of claims using available public information through Lexis Nexis verification. The information you provide on the online claim form will be compared to the Lexis Nexis data and if there is a match, the claim will be paid without requiring supporting documentation. All claims under $500 are eligible for fast track. 

These improvements will ensure that you are getting your money back as quickly and efficiently as possible while at the same time ensuring that property is being given to the right person. 

Find out if you have unclaimed property and get started on the claims process here.