IDOT Assures Legislators and Woodstock Officials Route 47 Project will Move Forward

Good news came from Springfield today on the long-awaited Route 47 project in Woodstock. State Senator Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) and State Representative Steve Reick (R-Woodstock) hosted a group of public officials from the City of Woodstock in Springfield to meet with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

Meeting participants included Secretary of Transportation Randy Blankenhorn, Mayor of Woodstock Brian Sager and members of the Woodstock City Council, State Senator Pamela Althoff, and State Representative Steve Reick.

Those representing the City of Woodstock say the meeting was a success and were encouraged by what IDOT had to say about the progress of the Route 47 project.

“Today, we heard two key points of good news from Secretary Randy Blankenhorn,” said Mayor Sager. “First, IDOT informed us Woodstock Route 47 Phase 2 is funded and will move forward, even in a time when other IDOT projects are being halted. Secondly, Secretary Blankenhorn informed us it is his expectation that actual construction of Route 47 will move forward with the completion of a Federal or State capital bill. These are substantial new developments.”

As part of preparing for the Phase 2 work on Route 47, IDOT representatives and the City of Woodstock are working to make final design updates as part of continuing public input from residents and businesses.

During the meeting, Blankenhorn expressed the importance of the Route 47 project and said it is one of the department’s top priorities. Woodstock officials were also told they are ahead of the game and are doing exactly what is needed to be done to ensure the project’s movement.

“I was happy to have representatives from the City of Woodstock here today to discuss an issue that is so important to Woodstock and McHenry County,” said Sen. Althoff. “Route 47 improvements will enhance public safety, support economic development, and reduce congestion.”

Reick echoed the Senator’s remarks and added that the project is a top priority for him as a lawmaker. “I am glad to know that IDOT recognizes the importance of moving forward with the Route 47 project,” said Reick. “For safety purposes alone it is a project that cannot be delayed. The economic and traffic flow improvements that will also result are additional benefits that will be very welcomed in this community and region.”

More information on the Woodstock Route 47 project can be found here.