Rep. Steven Reick Urges House Colleagues to Legislate Without Fear of Losing the Next Election

State Representative Steven Reick (R-Woodstock) addressed his Springfield colleagues on Thursday and urged them all to start legislating without fear of losing their next election.

Reick, a freshman lawmaker from McHenry County, said he was disappointed by some of the conduct shown on the floor of the House during the first several weeks of the spring session. He pointed to an instance two weeks ago when an hour was spent railing against the new President’s federal immigration policy, an issue over which Illinois legislators have no authority, and another occasion where the Governor was disrespected by some on the Democrat side of the aisle as he entered the House Chamber to present his budget address. “That display by a few reflected upon us all, and did nothing but reinforce our reputation as an unserious body which is allowing our state to slouch toward insolvency,” said Reick.

Reick explained that while the 118 House members represent very diverse constituencies, all were sent to Springfield to do three fundamental things: find a way to fund education so that all children have the best opportunities for success in a manner that relieves the property tax burden, enact constitutionally-sound pension reform and approve a balanced budget. “There are 118 of us in this chamber, and if enough of us choose to legislate without the fear of losing the next election, we can make those things happen,” Reick said. “That is what I choose to do and if you’ll do the same, let’s get started.”

You may watch his floor comments here.